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Managing your own super fund should be easy, engaging and accessible – anytime, anywhere. Selfmade is not like traditional SMSFs – you can set up or transfer your own SMSF online in minutes and take control of your financial future.

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What is Selfmade?

A simple tool to confidently run your own super fund

SMSF Set up

Selfmade has streamlined the time-consuming process of setting up a SMSF into a few easy steps. Say goodbye to paper forms and set up a SMSF online in minutes.

Management and Compliance

With the right tools and assistance, managing your new or existing SMSF is easy and hassle free. Selfmade’s market leading technology takes the complexity out of administration, giving you more time to focus on your investments.


Our simple and secure platform is directly integrated with a leading Australian bank, so you can start investing right away.

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Up to $5,000 per year

Accountants can charge hefty fees, which often don't stack up with the level of service you get in exchange.

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Up to $1,527* per year

Selfmade’s advanced platform is easy to use and only $127.30* per month (including annual Audit)

Industry fund

Where’s my money?

Up to $2,500 per year

Industry funds often come with preset investment options, meaning the number of choices you have are limited.

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*Excluding GST, upfront establishment cost to set up a new SMSF and any Government fees and charges.

How it works

Complete your online application in as little as 5 minutes

Standby while Selfmade compiles your documents

Roll over existing funds and start making contributions

Take control and start investing your super, your way!

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