Who do I choose for SMSF administration?

If you’re trying to work out the SMSF administration service that’s right for you, you may find yourself looking at different options for managing your super fund. You could choose a traditional accountant or try a cheaper online provider, but each have their pros and cons. But there’s another option to consider that’s new to the market – an SMSF technology platform combining the best of both worlds. 

Option 1: Traditional accountants

One of the more traditional ways to manage your own super fund is to see an SMSF accountant and have them manage your affairs for you. In this scenario, you’ll get personalised, one-on-one service with a real person – but it might cost you a pretty penny! 

Here’s how SMSF accountants deliver on three key areas:

SMSF establishment

You’ll often be charged a fee for the initial consultation to decide if you want an SMSF. This usually involves a referral to a financial adviser who will charge for a statement of advice.


Accountants will take care of compliance for you, but again it will involve lots of paperwork and more than likely a few meetings (often charged by the hour).

SMSF administration

Want to change your investments? Add a new trustee? Make a binding death benefit nomination? Oh dear…this management model might overcomplicate small admin tasks and potentially become an expensive proposition!

Option 2: Low cost online administrators

For a low-cost SMSF solution, there are administrators out there who can set up a fund for you and help you manage its administration. The downside to this lower cost option is that you might receive less service and assistance, so if you have questions (or run into problems) you might have to figure it out for yourself. Also, some low-cost providers have been around a long time and are slowed down by old processes and systems. 

Here’s what a typical low-cost provider will offer:

SMSF establishment

You might fill out paper and online forms to complete setup. But if you’re not sure about the details of what’s required, it might take you longer than it would with a financial adviser or accountant. 

Fees and commissions

Many low-cost providers get paid through commissions and other fees that are not very transparent, so make sure you ask questions and read the fine print. Don’t forget – there’s no such thing a free lunch!

SMSF administration

While lower administration costs can mean more money for investing, it doesn’t always equate to quality service. Take your time researching low-cost options to make sure your fund’s admin needs will be met appropriately. 

Option 3: Tech-enabled platforms, like Selfmade

What the above two options lack is an opportunity to make your SMSF experience an enjoyable one – one that’s interesting and still efficient. This is where Selfmade’s technology can spice things up! 

For a lower cost than a traditional accountant, you’ll be taken through the process of SMSF establishment and ongoing fund management by an innovative online platform that puts you in control. This means tech platforms like Selfmade are the best combination of enhanced service and lower pricing. 

Here’s what an online platform can offer you:

SMSF establishment

For a once-off establishment fee, we’ll set up your SMSF for you. You’ll have what you need to start investing and it can nearly all be done online in a few simple steps. 


Our online platform will soon be able to generate all the documents you’ll need to stay compliant. We’ll also take care of getting the paperwork ready for lodging your annual return!

SMSF administration

Similar to the compliance support we offer, our online platform is flexible enough to accommodate changes to your investments and adding additional trustees to your fund. You won’t have to deal with mountains of paperwork as we’ve partnered with DocuSign so you can safely and securely get the job done. 

Whatever option you choose, it pays to do your own research and get the right professional advice from the start. But if you’re ready to begin your SMSF journey with Selfmade, get started today!