What’s the difference between an individual and a corporate trustee setup?

When it comes to choosing between an individual and corporate trustee setup, there are a few key differences to consider. 

The facts 

Here are a few key differences between individual and corporate trustees. You can find the full list on the ATO website.
Individual Trustees Corporate Trustees
Four members maximum Four members maximum
Two members minimum One member minimum
  • Each member must be a trustee
  • Each trustee must be a member of the fund
  • Each member should be a director of the company and each member
  • should be a member of the fund
A member cannot be be employed by another member A member cannot be employed by another member
No ASIC fees ASIC charges a registration fee as well an annual renewal fee

How Selfmade does it

The Selfmade app has the flexibility to help you manage an individual or a corporate trustee setup – whichever you decide on. We also help make staying compliant simpler and easier by providing you with the right information and tools.