Am I restricted in what I can invest in with Selfmade?

For existing SMSFs that get transferred to Selfmade, we'll first do a check on whether your SMSF investments can be moved to our platform.

For new SMSFs established through Selfmade, our platform uses Macquarie Bank’s leading Cash Management and Online Trading products to help you invest your super. This means you are restricted to the investment options available through Macquarie when you set up your SMSF with Selfmade. However, if you're interested in another type of investment, please contact us

These are some of the main investment options available with Selfmade:

  • Australian shares
  • Exchange traded funds (ETFs)
  • mFunds
  • Warrants
  • Cash and term deposits.
The majority of investments made by SMSFs are in cash, term deposits, listed shares, trusts or managed funds. Given that borrowing is restricted for SMSFs, investments in direct property is typically carried out by SMSFs with larger balances. 

The Selfmade platform supports investment in assets that cover all of the most popular investment classes for SMSF.

Break down graph SMSF investment